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The Players Who Play the Game

by Kreskin

The Different Level of Players...


This player wandered on the Darkgalaxy site by accident one day and signed up and looked at his planets and said I dont think I like this game and Never cared to look about it again.

This player is the most agrivating kind of all...


This player started and enjoyed the game untill a person, just playing the game, invades one of his planets and then he post a complaint thread in the Forums and cusses the person out with in-game-mail and then is never heard of again becasue he quits.

This players planets come in handy after awhile becasue he may have a few and then you can invade them and take their acumulated resourses and not have to worry about an reveng attack.

Annoying Noob:

This player doesnt care about the game and only wants to annoy larger players. This is the kinda player who will attack a planet knowing full well that it would mean the end of his game carrer. This is the type of player who would foolishly open a war thread in the Forums and declare a war on the galaxy he is in becasue he has just completed his Launch Pad and is alittle exited about it. This is also the kinda person who when after being attacked threatens you with his alliance and says somehting of the following..." you little **** Why did you take my ******* planet. I hate you. You will die a painful death. I am going to get my alliance to come and beat you up. DarkSide is my friend and he doesnt like you. Good bye you little pile of ****.

This is the player who doesnt last long becasue he creates enemies with everyone.


This player starts off in the game and really enjoys the game fully. He colonises a few planets and really gets a good start in the game. This player though he starts off good probable will not get in the top 1000 till far later in the game becasue he Doesnt exaclty know how to manage his resourses to the best of their ability.

This player is a fairly good foe and he can defend himself fairly good but not knowing the right combinations of ships in fleets has a problem attacking better players sufficiently.


This player is a round veteren and knows exactly what to build, when to build and what not to build. He Knows who to allie with, who not to and who to backstab before they can backstab him. This is the player you see on your scanner with a 20 million point fleet when you are just starting to get one or two fighters. This player will strike all of those who oppose him and may even declare war on an entire galaxy ( DarkSide comes to mind )

This player is nearly impossible beat out becasue he has so many resourses built up do to good management.

And lastly but certainly the least ;)

Annoying Expert:

This player knows how to play the game he is better at it than you...and he isnt afraid to tell you that. This is the type of player that you either just exept as a sarcastic prick or you get all your friends together and get rid of the annoying person.But as he being the good player that he is would most likely take you out anywazs.This is the sort of person who can really bug you...annoy you and drive you to quite becasue you know you cant beat him...but you really dont wanna play this wonderful game while he is playing...

The annoying expert tries to spamn the noobs down....the expert annoy them so long.....that they stop posting stupid...questions in the forums...

A person I can think of that fits this profile would be non other than naturalbornhipp ;)...I of course did this at his own request :p

These are basically all the players that I could think of...