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Running With Scissors, a review

by Ib3N

Running With Scissors, a review

Running With Scissors - RWS has made themself a well known alliance in Saturn last round, I was curious on what they had to offer this round, so I went off poking around.

What I found was a fun-loving alliance, with many nice players, a few wierd ones, and something rarely as a female leader/spokesperson! Darkest Queen is a female from sweden, a former teacher in psycology and modern politics, but works now in a institution for demented pepole with schizofrenia and other pschotic conditions.

WOW! I thought.. this was interesting. So I met up with Darkest Queen in their public channel #scissors and had a chat with her.

(Ib3N-) Q0: Running With Scissors, RWS, is a pretty strange but cool name for an alliance, how did you come up with it?

(DQEliza) I didnt . It was given to me by Cricket. It was his suggestion in the beginning.

(DQEliza) and its also the name of a Wierd Al Yankowic album

(Ib3N-) hehe, ok

(DQEliza) it was a late night and i wanted a new name

(DQEliza) it couldnt be something serious

(DQEliza) it had to be a funny name

(DQEliza) cause in the "post-depression" after RD died- the only way to go on was with humour

(DQEliza) and Cricket is always full of the wierdest ideas..

(Ib3N-) hehehe

(DQEliza) and he suggested it to me.

(Ib3N-) Q1: RWS is one of the well known alliances in DG, how come you think? Is it because RWS did well in previous rounds?

(DQEliza) Im not so sure we are that well known. We have some well known players.. and the clever ppl make sure to know where players are.

(DQEliza) RWS is pretty new.

(DQEliza) Unfortunately many ppl still see us as RD-light

(Ib3N-) Thats free respect ain't it?

(DQEliza) I only ever played in RD really .. they trained me ... and all ideas and values I have of DG is what I was taught in RD - so in a way ofc there will be similarities maybe

(DQEliza) as i think the ideas that RD was based on - are still the best ones

(Ib3N-) ..and what ideas would you say that is?

(DQEliza) well .. the biggest thing is perhaps the organisation .. its kinda flat .. a lil wild talent free kinda play style .... we dont have ranks and hierachy. all players in RD are strong individual players with lots to offer.

(DQEliza) I think a hierachy and chain of commands limits the true talent of players.

(DQEliza) We dont have a HC

(DQEliza) Anyone with a good idea that gets supported by the members can step up and play an important part for a while

(DQEliza) but nobody does it all the time

(Ib3N-) How is diplomacy and structual integrety of the alliance maintained if you do not have a HC?

(DQEliza) hehe .. Its going very well thank you

(Ib3N-) hehe..

(DQEliza) Its the mutual respect within the alliance that makes it possible

(Ib3N-) Q2: What attetude do want RWS to display towards the community?

(DQEliza) Attitude ... Hms .. this is a hard one .. ppl have so many ideas about that ...

(DQEliza) Im not sure i wanna send any message at all there... I dont really care how ppl see us . We are a group of ppl who have alot of fun ingame

(DQEliza) RWS prolly have the most irc-active members of all alliances

(Ib3N-) IRC is a critical part of the alliance?

(DQEliza) yes it is .. the fast decisions are possible that way

(DQEliza) In this alliance theres no member that will ever receive an order

(DQEliza) we dont do order-shit ..

(Ib3N-) hehe

(DQEliza) ppl are politely asked to participate in killing off this or that player or alliance

(DQEliza) and since most are warmongers in rws the response is always very high

(DQEliza) its not a very peace loving crew im afraid

(Ib3N-) so you would classify RWS's playstyle as very agressive?

(DQEliza) Im prolly the nicest of them all

(Ib3N-) I'll take that as a big yes

(DQEliza) yes .. I think so

(Ib3N-) Q3: RWS is ranked pretty low right now, is this pure tactics, or a slow start?

(DQEliza) LMAO!!!

(DQEliza) the alliances ranked high right now are the ones we will have for dinner later..

(Ib3N-) hehe..

(DQEliza) an alliance with high rank now are sucky cause they have too much ppl in one sector

(DQEliza) wait til tick 350-400 when alliances start linking up

(DQEliza) and since nobody have launched a merch to other sectors yet the link up isnt possible yet

(DQEliza) then u can see who is big or not

(Ib3N-) I'll look forward to that

(Ib3N-) Q4: Some of the top players in RWS has formed their own ingame alliances, eg. Death to noobs, The vikings, do you wish to comment this?

(DQEliza) its not own alliances .. Its sector teams .... and its standard procedure in most alliances that use the sector team thing I believe

(DQEliza) its a way for the group to be able to cooperate til we all link up

(Ib3N-) In other words, standard alliance beginning tactics?

(DQEliza) yepp

(Ib3N-) Q5: How high ranked can we expect to see RWS when the alliance show a little muscle?

(DQEliza) How high .. hms .. It depends ... round 5 many alliances died, dissolved, quit, regrouped etc .. I expect to see many new strong groups round 6 .. many are just starring after the old big names .. well they arent gonna be there .. but

(DQEliza) In each galaxy we now have 1350 players

(DQEliza) they already formed and "known" alliances make up maybe 350 of those..

(DQEliza) and

(DQEliza) therefore its 1000 unaccounted for

(DQEliza) lets say that as many as 500 are n00bs or ppl just signing up and wont play

(DQEliza) there are still 500 player i have no idea of their strength or what alliances there will be

(DQEliza) after tick 300 or so we may begin to see what really is in the galaxy.

(DQEliza) and after that we can make some sort of estimate of the opposition

(DQEliza) i cannot predict anything right now

(DQEliza) we may do well though .. I hope we will

(DQEliza) but every round is new and nothing is for granted. old merits dont count

(Ib3N-) Q6: there's been alot of players trying to join RWS, is there any special requirements to joining?

(DQEliza) Yes ))

(DQEliza) lots

(Ib3N-) hehe, figures

(DQEliza) they have to be active, be strong individual players yet team players...

(DQEliza) and they have to be funny, very active

(DQEliza) and not very sensitive ppl.

(Ib3N-) IRC active perhaps?

(DQEliza) ofc..

(DQEliza) hehe

(DQEliza) and also ppl that have special 'talents'

(DQEliza) high ranks isnt as important as attitude and will. when I was brought in RD I was kinda sucky. But in 3 weeks they made me a top 100 player.. and I havent left top 100 since. So the environment and the support and mentor ship is a big part. so the most important thing we look for is attitude, hunger and some aggressiveness.. no peacelovers...

(DQEliza) we think we can make anyone with big ears and willingness to listen a good player.

(DQEliza) this round we have a few trainees (3). brand new players with us.

(Ib3N-) Q7: What's the alliance's biggest achivement so far, you think?

(DQEliza) what a question

(Ib3N-) hehe.. I was running out of questions.. *joke*

(DQEliza) i dont know..

(DQEliza) lol

(DQEliza) I think we had a good round

(DQEliza) we didnt lose much

(DQEliza) won most our battles

(Ib3N-) last round in saturn?

(DQEliza) yes

(DQEliza) rws was never on mars

(DQEliza) but some of our players was

(Ib3N-) Q8: There has been an increase of old players returning to R6 Saturn, do you think they can bid on a few suprises?

(DQEliza) RWS doesnt see oldies returning as a threat .. rather the opposite .. It awakes the killer insticnts in many of my players .. as its more fun to kill someone 'well-known' than just anyone

(DQEliza) RWS dont do any naps

(DQEliza) especially not this round.

(DQEliza) Ive always been against naps ..

(DQEliza) sometimes its neccessary .. but only from a machiavellian point if wiew

(Ib3N-) Q9: Except RWS, who do you think will be DG Saturn's 3 most dangerous alliances this round?

(DQEliza) Ceots ! no doubt! I cant see ceots being beaten by anyone this round

(DQEliza) Spearmint Rhinos will deliver alot of surprises aswell They are kinda strong.

(DQEliza) I cant think of a third one ..

(Ib3N-) hehe, fair enough.

(Ib3N-) Q10: I'd like to thank you for your time, and do you have any last words?

(DQEliza) I hope everyone will have a fun round 6. We sure intend to have one. RWS are very hyper and tagged for the game to start for real ...

So my conclusion is, watch out for that RWS tag, both now and in the future.

I'd like to apologize the lack of rich text, but that bast... scan has disabled the tags.