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Mini Game Over

by Cadavre

Well the first mini-game is over and although we didn't have anywhere near as much time as we'd have liked a few fun things happened. The final top 10 were: -

1 Dildo Baggins 10,069,330

2 Juy 7,352,400

3 Sachem 7,021,802

4 Troxx 6,886,534

5 DazMcG 6,427,741

6 FrostyCoolSlug 5,435,205

7 ~space R@ptor~ 4,448,439

8 Admiral Thrawn 3,645,680

9 Ironpants 3,495,161

10 TheDominian 3,426,619

I'd liked to have listed a few more places so I would appear but the line has to be drawn somewhere right? :) Most of the round was building up resources, the 2 major alliances were at war from the beginning (Protectorate and Unknown-Quartet) however not many battles took place. The first attack on anyone of the round (as far as I know) was an attack by me on space raptor (getting her back for the attacks in the closed beta) which was successful in wiping out the orbiting fleet however unable to take the planet : The first successful invasion (again, to my knowledge) was by Craig (FrostyCoolSlug) who took over Earth (which was taken back fairly soon afterwards).

I think the funniest part for me would have to be when the trading post died! This was not dies to abuse (according to scan and zedd the new code is unabusable :rolleyes: ) because at the time of death we were unable to conduct trading. It just kind of died. Suddenly the prices went to -400000 (yes that's right, minus 400000) for energy to the other extreme of 4E97 for soldiers!

All in all not a complete success in finding new bugs, the military button still doesn't work which was a dissapointment but alot of fun was had.

Congrats to Mr.Dildo for winning the round

Proves that Dildo's have more than one use ;)

Signing off, Cad