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The Community of DarkGalaxy

by Naturalbornhippy

The 4th round is over and so I thought I should write a column not about the game, so I decided to write about the Community.


The forums have ever min 50 visitors when you visit them. This says a lot about the activity from the DG-Players. In the forum you find all kinds of players - the oldschooler, the spamner, the new-spamner, the noobs and the players who view them for information or game-strategy.

The Oldschooler

These are the people, who are there for a long long time...most of them are in the forums and in the game since the first round, yes the first round this none-combat round. The have a lot of posts, the know a lot and the are always not so nice to the noobs, but the good fact is that the clear soon who is here the chief and how the community runs. Yes it is true we lost a few of them already, but noone can escape and the past has shown that all of them come back...sooner or later...but everyone comes back...

The Spamner

These are the people, who are always in the forums when they are online...ok not always but most times. The discuss a lot of things in the forums...most of these discussions are really good and the quality of there posts is still high. A lot of these people are around a long time too....and so the help new players and answering questions too. Good to have them - and the spamn battle is still running....the fact that Zedd and Scan removed the number of posts in the normal profile did not stop them. A note to the roots of the spamners......where the come from??? I can answer this the beginning of DG there were some thing different to today.. Not everyone was allowed to have an avatar - 100 posts was the right to get an avatar so the people started to get 100 posts and this small little picture under there name. There were some other feature polls and rank...but I cant remember the posts and so.

The New-Spamner

These are the people, who have seen how cool it must be to have a name in DG, so the started to post a lot in the forums. The old-time spamner call them new spamner or noob-spamner. These guys are not really funny the post in a low-quality way and most of there threads are senseless and have nothing to do with the game. These people made the off-topic sektion so full and not interesting. Someone should teach them the game and how to help other and new players.

The Noob

These are the people, who post only crap and stupid questions....Eddy had always a nice picture for them...with and search....on this picture was a teacher with pressed a student on the board. It was really cool and i miss it a bit these players make threads about everything...the cant read the manual and the cant read other thread or the board rules the must just make a new thread.....ahhhh....not so cool at all...and they are the reason, why a lot of people and oldschoolers quit the forums already...the maked the forums shity...not more...just shitiy

The normal Player

These are the people, who need information or who are just bored so the join the forums read a bit around and make a post there and one there...noone really see them in the mass of posts....the are posting in threads about there alliance or there sektor two...that is all I have to say about them.

At all we have a nice Community on which we can be proud...but the noobs and the new spamners should stop to be so stupid and they should start to read and learn from players, who are longer here than them..maybe the should try IRC too........oh...there we the second part of our great community.


I think i have said this 100s of time on the forums before but it is just true....everything is made on the forums...big diplomacy...friendships for real and cyberlife.....IRC is like your second family. There are diffrent types of users too but i wanna say some more words about it before....yes there is more than this facts....IRC = The world of the inet...the main power in online games...the real power in online games...everything happens there and a lot of feature were made the times Zedd and Scan idled there too and discussed stuff with players there...but this times are over...Me and im sure you know it only inner gamethings like wars...naps and such things happens there...ok this has nothing to do with the game itselfs but it is a big part of the Community life and the way people play this wonderfull game. So join IRC search a nice chatroom...for example #darkgalaxy or #chatspike......try /list when u are find out more......oh again next thing, the people which u find in different rooms...

The Idler

These are the people, who are in all rooms or in the most intresting rooms...mostly bouncer or flat-rate user....the bring the life in the rooms and discuss there a lot of things....not only game related, but you can find discussions about the game too....If u need anything about IRC just ask this people the know to 90% what they are doing here and what kind of help u need. These people making fun with noobs a lot and kick and ban very fast...but this has nothing to say, they are just sick of the ignorance and the stupidty of the noobs. There are this trivia guys too...which want to play this game...1000s of times and spamn the rooms with it...but i like this game and play it by my own so i should shut the fuck off.

The Alliance-IRC-User

These are the people, who join only there alliance channel and idle there or have fun with there alliance mates.

You find them only in 2-3 rooms in the public and the private alliance channel and on some public other channels like #darkgalaxy. Nothing to say against them..if u not know them from forums or ingame u will not reconize them.

The Meeting-User

These people u find only for IRC parties and alliance meetings online...normaly the do not care about IRC only when the alliance send them a msg the join and talk..thats all....but these users make it possible to see what an alliance does....if u find a lot of players in a normaly empty chatroom u know whats going a speacial thnx to this players....we love ya

The Noob or Help-User

Ok everyone must start once...but not with so much questions the fucking manual..IRC isnt so difficult so just read 5 mins and u will know most things or use the help command.....the help-user...this are the annoying players which join IRC to ask questions about the;”Is tha game down????”

With this players the idler and user, who are online more than 3-4 hours making fun...because the cant read the topic....yeah this thing in the top when u join...mostly in colors...not so hard to find..i just read it...and shut the fuck off.......

In the end I can say...we have a nice Community with lots of nice people and if u do not like them...just run away...the space in the DG-Community is big enough.


all this loose which are only there for the game do not join IRC and killed a bit the life in the Community...hey the game still runs....only not ingame so come back and chat with us....

I want to thank kreskin, which gave me the idea to wirte this there and if u wanna read something about the players who play this game just join the article sektion and so..u know.....

Sorry about my bad english and my bad langue.