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DG Round 1

by Lord Tino

Well as most of you know this is my first round of DG and i think it's worth me taking a few minutes outta my day to write about it.

I first came to this game as my brother told me about it and said it was free so what the hell, if i don't like it, i don\'t lose anything. Well after playing for about 5 mins i was hooked even though all i could do was look at the 6 hours left on my metal mine and wait for inevitable invitation to join the time they were 6th and i was a n00b i thought it'd be cool to be in one of the best ranked alliances.

I joined TDF for a matter of days when i thought it'd be fun to play admiral for a bit and created the SPA (supreme power alliance). And to get a few members to work on we mass invited O_O for a few weeks. It was while i was Admiral of SPA that i first used the forums to post an alliance add...kinda tragic i know...and so began numerous visits and posts in the DG forums. I still had a friend in TDF and he sent me a report about an operation called "Grand Slam"'s in the forums somewhere read it at ur leisure...due to grumblings from my ministers i had to consider a merge. I remembered in my recruitment thread a certain spammer (boba) asked if i wished to merge. i thought now y not? and contacted him. although he no longer was leading an alliance he put me in contact with chris1415 and soon SPA had merged with GoD.

It was really at this time i started using IRC and began chatting with the ppl who i knew from the forums...namely NaturalBornHippy and sometimes Gorilla. and soon found my way on a lot of channels and chatted with ppl and got familiar with them.

One day i logged into the account and saw i had about 5 messages asking "what happened to the alliance?" i had no idea what happened, but soon found out chris disbanded it for reasons i\'m still not clear on. So i was allianceless...this for me was a blessing and the turning point in this round for me.

I often talked of joining Psychoactive Planet if i wasn't in the HC of GoD now i had the chance. I joined psychoactive with 9 mill points and no plans to expand. I was soon brought upto speed by Noratron on #psycho about what we have in gal 15 (my galaxy but most knew that anyway)...literally a few days later i spent my fleet and invaded my first planet...i got the mop up operation so only 2 :3's there to take but it was my first conquest. I built up and then when psychoactive invaded sector 27 i was on the forefront we successfully gained full control of the sector and this time i had done a lot better capturing many planets, destroying a lot of opponents score. Finally me and alliance comrade Chronos85 began an attack on sector 23 with a new friend of mine Xenopus. Here again i had no real problems and sweeped aside most rulers there.

By this point i had been made a HC in psychoactive planet and more score had increased to over 150 mill...but i wanted to be in a real battle with many ships and many fleets involved. So the big battle plan was born. Although i missed the first tick (happens to me i have the memory of a sive) i survived several rounds of fighting (i also proved that cruisers weren\'t crap which was important to me) i won the battle and lost only 30 mill in the process.

The game is great...but this community is the best online community i have ever seen. The majority of members, despite some ppl stating otherwise, r the best guys (and girls) u\'ll ever met. On IRC i have talked to some interesting ppl (politest word i could think of :p) and always..well normally...okay sometimes get a warm reception on #darkgalaxy. Thanx to Zedd and Scan for making the game...but the best thing about this game imo is the community. I had fun this round and hope to be around for many more.

Cya soon guys,

Tino aka Reno aka Emperor Gav II

(really need to make up my mind on a nick don't i :P)