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Separating Real Life and your DG Life from Each Other

by Lightburner

Hello and welcome to this new episode of 'DG and REAL LIFE!'

Here I will try to explain the similarities between DG and RL. With my little experience i had in playing Dark Galaxy and being in the community a bit i've seen several persons entering the scene, i will explain them and how they should react in real life.

It al began in the middle of the night, when i was sleeping.. While i was dreaming about beautifull naked women (Yes I dream about older women) my cellphone went off.. trrrr.. /me wakes up.. What the hell? trrr.. So, i get out of my bed and take up the phone. "Hello? Who the hell is this?"

"Yo man, this is your m8 ****, I'm under heavy attack!" "What? Heavy attack? You doing crack again?" "No no, i just checked my comms and i noticed 3 large battlefleets approaching my 3rd planet!!" "Bye" "No, wait, I want you to sent your fleet to help me! Hello! Hello?"

It was clear, this bloke apperantly suffered from the DG decease, an extreme form of it obviously..

It is quite clear you should keep your Dark Galaxy life and your Real life seperate from eachother, some peeps however, fail bigtime in doing this.

Do you suffer from this decease?

If you experience any of the following things in your Real life then you are suffering from the Dark Galaxy Decease!

-Your girlfriend asks you how you are and you answer you're doing bad because someone just took your no3 planet..

-You're buying a PC with internet connection for your parents, so if you need to visit them on sundays, you still have the chance to check your Dark Galaxy account..

-You're having a bumper sticker on you car saying: "I don't stop for FoP"

or "Honk if you're a Reservoir Dog" or even "I believe in Zedd"

-Your boss is calling cause you're working home asking about the work he asked you to do and you're answering: "Yes, i finished the scannings.. ehh calculations.."

-You are in the middle of the sex thing and you stop just cause your settlement has just been built..

-You cancel your date cause you have enemy fleets on your comms..

If any of you peeps experience those symptons, then have the decease!

Next time: The Forum peeps