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Phase 4: Sabbatical and the Next Stage - Andromeda and Beyond

Current development started after the end of Jupiter 5 however outside factors over took the creators ability to work on the game. Although some tests were carried out development effectively ceased in 2012.

Scroll forward to July 2019 and a chance question and check on the home page has led to development being restarted and at a faster pace than expected due to the more than anticipated interest from former players.

The galaxies have been redesigned again with a single central galaxy for the bigger players to fight over as the planets are much better than anywhere else.

Combat has also been overhauled and the battles appear more as expected so Fighters plus Battleships are not always going to win every battle. 

Every player will now also start with a single outpost free to use which will speed up the initial phase of the game for most players.

A Beta round during the COVID19 pandemic attracted interest from a number of original players and some new ones however this lead to some "tension" in certain parts and ended up bringing the game to a halt once more.

February 2022. With the game stagnating once more but with an almost ready code a daring plan was hatched and the code base and control was passed to a new development team to move the game forward.

After more testing and adjustment as of July 2023 the game launched a new 1 hour turn game with the expectation of more regular games while development to modernise further takes place.

Start your Outposts and watch that space, because that is my planet.