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Mini Game 2

by Cadavre

The first round of the mini game was all about who could colonise fastest and looking at Skute’s score it was him. During this round we saw the establishment of the two alliances that have so far dominated the mini game (mainly because they were the only two that have been started) one called AoGPS started by yours truly and the other, GAK started by Skute. The ranks for the first half are as follows: -

1 Skute 2,216,942

2 Lord Jon Snow 2,084,523

3 The AcE 2,076,494

4 Mythor 2,074,193

5 FRoGuLoX 1,818,684

6 kaliane 1,772,765

7 Troxx 1,760,358

8 Zarg 1,715,323

9 Mental 1,586,490

10 Zedd 1,573,843

11 Ogre IV 1,527,673

12 Zeox 1,358,429

13 Scan 1,352,495

14 Cadavre 1,254,978

15 Lyza 1,214,857

And below are the alliance rankings: -

1 AoGPS 14,900,580

2 Galactic Ass Kickers 11,552,634

We’re all looking forward to the second bit as it promises battles which were lacking in the first.

Exciting things in AoGPS in the second part! The AcE has been building a fleet to wipe out Zedd all round and it finally finished, he sent it and time ran out with 1 tick before he got there!!!!! The rankings are much more spread out now to earlier on so the alliances have also spread out.

1 Troxx 10,674,840

2 Mythor 7,517,988

3 Skute 7,383,769

4 Lyza 6,454,087

5 Lord Jon Snow 6,284,305

6 The AcE 5,434,309

7 Zedd 4,785,122

8 kaliane 3,902,930

9 Cadavre 3,839,496

10 Ogre IV 3,683,799

11 Scan 3,563,829

12 FRoGuLoX 3,479,124

13 Mental 3,297,409

14 Zarg 2,860,942

15 Zeox 2,255,563

And the alliance table

1 Galactic Ass Kickers 40,576,852

2 AoGPS 36,294,491

We’re all waiting for the bloody war that is sure to happen tomorrow at 2pm BST !!!! I will have much more to say about it tomorrow than I have so far it the war we expect actually ensues.

The third part of the mini game was, as expected the one for all the wars. We were all expecting GAK to attack AoGPS and they did, oh god they did :)

I was one of the unlucky ones to be attacked by this well organised alliance (much better organisation than my AoGPS, but what did you expect? We are plastic soldiers ;)). The Ace was actually the first one to make an attack (he’s from AoGPS) and he attacked Zedd with a fleet that we all thought was unstoppable. . . oh god were we wrong. Zedd had built a fleet of bombers back up by fighters and had been waiting for The Ace to arrive and so wiped him out which pretty much ended The Ace’s round. Then came the gang banging. I was attacked on a planet (at the time it was worth 1/3 of my total score) by a 3 separate fleets which wiped out my fleet and several allies fleets. Even after this I was confidant I would keep the planet due to the amount of robots I had. The first invasion attempt came through: -

[I]Scan failed to invade your planet Unknown. Scan lost 47200 soldiers. You lost 372220 colonists, 49894 robots and 0 soldiers during the invasion.[/I]

Followed by Skute finishing the job. This meant I now had Skute who was 1st in the ranking in my home system! Kaliane received a similar blow in her home system. I forgot to copy the tables at the end of this part so I’ll just give you the jist, Skute was first by quite some way with Troxx second and Lyza third whilst the alliance ranks were still the same as last time just different scores.

The final stage was really a bit of a let down, it was all about who could get the most score as quick as possible. Well, Cobra put a few blows on Skute that messed him up at the end but other than that not much happened.

The final rankings were

1 Lyza 31,912,251

2 Mythor 25,398,448

3 Troxx 25,077,295

4 Zedd 20,201,404

5 Cadavre 19,588,543

6 Cobra 19,379,712

7 Skute 18,570,479

8 Ogre IV 18,470,874

9 Lord Jon Snow 16,082,947

10 kaliane 11,111,561

11 FRoGuLoX 10,992,920

12 Scan 9,579,568

13 travisswccg 9,322,503

14 Zarg 8,134,695

15 The AcE 7,109,144

16 Mental 6,803,066

17 FrostyCoolSlug 6,750,435

18 Zeox 5,026,481

19 . Atomic . 4,147,845

20 Fizz Stickle 3,971,734

Top planets were

1 Bases Lyza 22,911,040

2 The Hague Troxx 14,429,312

3 Rebel Cobra 11,792,332

4 My 01 Mythor 11,687,532

5 Elephant Ogre IV 9,490,837

6 Stronghold I Zedd 8,003,570

7 Highgarden Lord Jon Snow 5,753,526

8 The Planet of Pain FrostyCoolSlug 4,707,616

9 Potrag Bib FRoGuLoX 4,372,445

10 . Plutonium . . Atomic . 3,783,429

11 Planet Internet Troxx 3,734,117

12 Mars Colony Scan 3,501,110

13 Dorne Lord Jon Snow 3,336,157

14 Stark Lord Jon Snow 3,213,019

15 IO Prime Lyza 3,196,612

16 caer sidi kaliane 3,102,472

17 Prospero Magnus the Red 3,040,667

18 Earth Defender Zedd 2,948,004

19 Timber travisswccg 2,748,878

20 Zargo3 Zarg 2,720,425

And the alliances

1 Galactic Ass Kickers 168,923,521

2 AoGPS 59,470,724

3 OPA Deluxe 23,527,557

4 The Dark Host 3,494,638

5 Sons of Frans Bauer 3,262,185

6 The Sneaky Group 1,324,928

7 LONELY ONE 1,051,629

8 The Collective 344,846

Overall a much more enjoyable game than the last one even if we were missing rappeh (I will get you next time) and caprius along with all the people living in Germany due to a bad connector in Texas. All that played have learnt to respect the bomber, those that didn’t will do soon.

Signing off