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Running With Scissors

Motto: Clip Clip Clip


RWS was created on June 8th 2003. ( give or take a day )

The background; We all started round 5 as Reservoir Dogs ( RD ). RD had the tradition that it wasn't really important who was admiral. A new person was admiral every round. Round 5 BigD was the admiral of RD. A few did not approve. BigD was controversial already back then.

After a while Riithi went more or less inactive. BigD wanted top preserve our average score ( we had the best! ) and therefore he kicked Riithi. Riithi was co-founder of RD, and naturally he got really pissed. Kicked from his own alliance. He made a thread in DG forums and that thread ended things for many of us.

We had all seen... felt that RD had changed... especially those who had been in RD since the start in R3. Everyone who played in RD was extremely proud to play in RD and to be part of the RD-thing. Back then RD stood for something new and unique in Dark Galaxy.

I'm explaining this so that u understand just how powerful Riithi's post was.

When members read it no-one wanted to go on playing. It was like a father rejected and deserted a child.

For 24 hours this highly active alliance just... stopped... and ppl just froze... paralyzed somewhat.

We were currently in several wars, but all our opposition agreed to give us 2 days to re-organise and get back up again. So we didn't have much time.

A new alliance was born. About 30/40% of RD members came to the new alliance and kept playing. Our name became Running With Scissors. It was Cricket ( then in FBL) who gave us our name. This was our starting thread. Just a short message really.

Round 5 ended well for our new alliance. We were about 35 ppl and we ended #10, which was a pretty decent result I think.

When RWS was started it was at first meant to be just a way for us to keep playing the round. We didn't have any longer plans than that . But when R5 was over it was clear that RWS could perhaps go on. We were hungry. And R6 was gonna be the first round with free sectors... we started counting... and we realised we needed a few more good players to accomplish what we wanted.

The interest was amazing... Several hundreds showed interest.

The summer between round 5 and round 6 I interviewed approx 200 people. Pretty much the same questions u have seen in the current form, but back then it was basically done with long interviews with each and everyone of those that applied that seemed to have potential.

RWS did very well R6. We had a very good score per member.

We finished the round as #2.

Round 7 we ended #1. Best results so far, but it was a round with troubles internally.

It taught us clearly that winning means nothing unless one has FUN while winning.

The alliance was too focused on score and there was several incidents with irritations between members of various kinds. I failed in stopping the nonsense and the fights.

And if that wasn't enough, there was constant flamewars against RWS in DG forums and it affected us all badly.

This is the main reason why RWS had to change a bit for Saturn 8.

Still being a hungry and ambitious alliance, but try to regain a higher level of respect and friendship as well as team spirit and generosity between members. A few that does not share this view was not invited back for Saturn 8.

----Darkest Queen


Code Of Conduct

"Christ that's dry, it's not like we need one. But if we should summarize a lil bit .. I think these are the only ones we need:"

  1. Make sure you have more fun than the enemy

  2. Take planets!

  3. Be cool. Laugh at flamers, they aren't worth your attention anyways

  4. Be active! Fleets shouldn't be on the ground!

  5. Treat your allymates as if they were your lil brothers !

  6. Stay within DG rules; don't cheat!