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Retro Galaxy

by Kier

Granted, I have not been with Dark Galaxy the longest, nor have I been the most involved, Az and dpcows have been here longer, MeM writes guides, Ib3n gets all the gossip. However I still think I have been around long enough to give a few comments on things.

The DG community is one of my favorites. In fact, it’s the only message board I use for anything more then pure info (or shameless DG plugs). That said I guess I am a little biased towards DG. Fortunately that does not matter, as I won’t be doing much comparing.

Lets see, I suppose I should dive right into what I plan on saying.


Thats right, all we had was building one planet! Not to mention the fact that we had a fraction of the buildings and they all cost more!

A fun time to be sure, there were a lot of people there that did not stick around. Though the ones that did are almost to no exception famous. Mostly because they have high post counts and any one with a high post count is well known. (some might say that’s why people want a high post count)

The Mods of the time were, : SoBiteMe, ChasesDaemons, Azhrarn(I still can’t spell it, sorry Az) and Dpcows.

A good lot they were. Though just like now the mods caught some flame for something or other they didn’t do, or intended to do.