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Starting an Alliance

by Khevlar

Many people try to start alliances or join them, but don't really know what they're getting into. When you start an alliance, as many know, it is EXTREMELY hard to grow. Here are a couple tips to help get you on your feet.

#1 - Don't be a jerk to alliance members, don't boss them around, etc.

#2 - Don't make a chain of command with only you at the top. Find another person who will work as hard as you will and has experience with alliances. You both will function as HCs. As you grow, you will need to add more HCs. You should have some sort of subordinate of the HCs (GLX [an alliance for another game] uses ACs).

#3 - As you grow, you might want to add new positions in the categories of defense, war, recruiting, and communications.

#4 - Recruit, recruit, recruit. Don't go spamming your alliance in channels like #darkgalaxy or #e-tidalwave. If someone in #darkgalaxy is asking for an alliance, PM them with the name of yours and your IRC Channel.

#5 - GET AN IRC CHANNEL. I cannot stress this enough. Before you even start recruiting, register one ChanServ.

#6 - Get a website.

#7 - Establish goals. Decide whether you want your alliance to be focused on defense or attacks. Also, decide whether you want to NAP or Ally or not.