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The DG Forums

by Lightburner

Aight, i promised to explain the forum personalities in this article, so that's what I'm going to do.

Being a regular on the Dark Galaxy forums, I've seen various personalities enter and leave:

The happy newbie:

The happy newbie often starts offtopic threads and put them into the 'Alliance sectíon' for example.. Of course, nobody listens to him and some people just use those posts to spamm (Lord Tino comes in mind) The rule for being a happy newbie that there are no rules.. They just start topics everywhere they want and then act confused when someone complains about him posting 20 threads in one hour. He can, for example, start various topics about Zedd & Scan being gods cause they program so good or whatever and then put the threads into the 'Game help' section.

The Pisshead:

They often are pissed off about something and they never really contribute to the community. These peeps often post stuff like: 'Hey muthafucka, i 0wn ya ass, why do you think you can't build deep core mines yet? You need a settlement! Read the fucking manual!' (excuse my french) Often these are 14 year old boys having problems in real life.

The Computer nerds:

These peeps often post stuff about their super duper computers in the forums, they ask questions like: 'Why do i get a msg saying the DG server is down? I have a Athlon XP 2100 and 512 MB DDR and i am running a T3 Line' you keep explaining them that it isn't their computer but just the DG servers. They often have sigs telling you what kind of stuff they have in their computers. (Like we give a damn..)

The all-knower:

These peeps think they know everything! They can justify many things and if they can't, then they just ignore the post. In NO WAY he should jump into a convo with some who knows more about a certain topic. Ignorance is blizz.

The Aggressive one:

Yes, these are the nicer ones, the peeps that start shouting at you at the moment they see you, telling you that they will come to your house with a baseball bat and crack your skull open. Often these are just 14 year old kids who are trying to get over their beating which they get on a regular basis on school. If they ever tell you that they will drive to your house and hit ya, don't worry, cause mommy prolly won't let them drive the car. Example: 'Oh yeah? How about i come to you right now and kick you in the nuts, you little shit!'

The newbie girl:

Strangely enough, while many men on the forums look like they're cool and all, everyone having a girl, they immediately jump on any female that enters the forum, that's why these girls act that way. I give you an example so you know what I mean: 'Hey! What's this game, how do i signup and how do i build farms so i can make food and i can get lotsa people? Kizz xxxxx :D'

The Spammers:

And of course you have the spammers, but you have allot of different kind of spammers. People that spamm but only with funny posts (still useless) and the ones that think they're all that. Example: 'Oh great! Another n00b!'

That's it for today peeps, cya next time :)