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Alliances #6

Basically nothing has happened in DG3 so far. New alliances have been created, others have dissapeared, the usual, early round mahem. The only unusual thing was the creation of AoL (or LA) from the old AoD.

Basically my post from the forum, which suits this article well should answer everything else.


My suggestion as a 10 month DG player to those who think they are cool being in a top alliance with 1000's of members:

The likes of:

Immortal Storm

Generation X

IOC Conquistors

The Dark Federation

Uniao Portuguesa

Riders of Apocolypse

IOC Imperium of Man

The Foundation

are all allianes that simply use mass-inviting to get many members. Most of them admit that this is what they do and The Foundation even has a page on its website dedicated to teaching new members how to mass invite (even using screenshots).

Go here to have a look and have some fun:

Mass-inviting, I admit, works at the start of the round where scores are so similar that alliance rankings are basically based on how many members you have.

The problems start for these alliances about a month into the round. This is about when the game really gets going and individual scores start to space out.

At this point the alliance looks at itself and what does it see?

Answer: A whole heap of newbies who have given up DG because they weren't helped by their alliance, didn't know what to do and so gave up DG. This means the alliance has a large amount of inactives too. This causes the experianced players to want to leave and boom there goes the alliance.

There are many good experianced alliances out there,

some of the older ones are:

Suicide Kings-SK

Angels of Lightning-LA(formerly known as Alliance of Darkness-AoD)

Dark Legion-DL

Old Phartes Alliance-OPA

Federation Starfleet Command-FSC

Frozen Burritoes League-FBL

Tranatorian Imperialistic Confederation Alliance-TICA

some of the newer ones are:

Dark Empire-DE

Federation of Planets-FOP

Psycoactive Planet-PSYCO

there are also more 'not quite so good' alliances lurking around here or there and also quite a few of the above do not currently reside in the top 50. These are generally the ones with a smaller member base of very good players who you will see emerge later on in the game.

Get of the plane that is going to crash and burn and jump on the band wagon and drive off into the sunset.


Alliances #8

Welcome to my 8th column.

I have decided to dedicate this column to the alliances in the Premium Game and this will be a source of information for those playing in that game and also for those who are not. Also when it comes to TICA and its allies I will be sure to be un-biased and tell the facts only.

Alliance Rankings [4722]:

Alliance Score

1 Battle Yaks 6,636,011,111

2 Burritos Dogs 4,403,965,667

3 The Patriots 1,420,350,019

4 The Brigade 567,155,374

5 Angels Of War 313,367,079

6 Squadron of Light BG 237,393,993

7 Bunny Crushers 224,115,017

8 Rangers 106,747,709

9 Newbies 68,454,478

10 Teh Big Ones 63,550,139

11 Phoenix 57,032,931

12 the quitters 51,407,980

13 Gaurdians of Destiny 35,963,845

14 The Aurelian 34,151,481

15 Dalaran Commonwealth 21,572,548

16 The Brothers 20,382,796

17 Evil Monkey League 17,913,617

18 The Mighty Cao Cao 15,266,851

19 federation of the st 13,494,866

20 ROH GoG GoD 13,302,923

21 Tereus Commonwealth 9,119,269

22 The crap planet alli 5,647,417

23 Hoffnung 5,060,452

24 Nowhere 4,715,992

25 Legion of Discord 4,395,121

26 The Continuum 3,892,835

27 Honor Guard 3,805,305

28 GDI 3,509,248

29 Ninja is Back 2,459,865

30 Space Dogs 2,271,711

31 BURN 1,076,496

The game is over and these are final scores.