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List of Colonists

Types of colonist
Name metal.gif mineral.gif food.gif worker.gif


Additional Cost
Requirements Score
worker.gif Worker - - -1 Food per 100 - -  :food:
Free pop storage 0.0001
soldier.gif Soldier 12 8 20 10 4 1 Worker is permanently converted into a Soldier during training.
Army Barracks, Free soldier storage 0.003

Workers and Soldiers

Workers are used in the building of all objects in the game and act as planet defence against Invasion. Your planet will naturally grow population at steady rate until your housing is filled.

An Army Barracks is required to begin Training Soldiers.

Soldiers are used to Invade hostile planets during the game. Soldiers are also the most useful type in protecting your own planets from Invasion.


Whenever a player has a fleet in the orbit of an enemy planet, and if that fleet contains at least 1 invasionship, he may invade the enemy planet. Invading a planet uses all invasion ships in the invading fleet and all soldiers, up to 50.000 per invasion ship used. The workers (idle+busy) and soldiers on the surface of the planet automatically defend against invasions. If an invasion is successful, the attacker takes control of the planet and the resources stored on it. If the invasion fails the defender loses all defending workers and soldiers, but keeps control of the planet. The attacker loses all soldiers and invasion ships that attacked.

Attack & Defence
Name Attack Points Defence Points 1x Kills Defending  worker.gif 1x Kills Defending soldier.gif
worker.gif Worker 0 2 - -
soldier.gif Soldier 30 45 15 0.66666