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Travel Times

Travel takes :

  • 8 turns between planets into the same system,
  • 12 turns between systems into the same sector,
  • 16 turns between sectors into the same galaxy,
  • 18 turns between your home planet and any planet.

Intergalactic travel between the rings is designed to allow fleet mouvements inwards to take less time than it takes to move outwards.

Galaxy 1 Inner ring Outer ring
From Galaxy 1 16 24 32
Inner ring 20 16 24
Outer ring 24 20 16

All these travel time can be reduced by structures built into planets :

  • Space Tether provides -1 travel time to ANY player, including enemy. Required at Origin planet only.
  • Hyperspace Beacon grants -2 turns travel time to the player who own the planet. Required at Destination planet only.
  • Jump Gate grants -2 turns travel time to all players of the same alliance. Required at both Origin and Destination planet.