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Welcome to the DarkGalaxy Manual


Welcome to the Dark Galaxy Manual project. This project exists to allow the community to assist with the creation of a game manual, in a generally central location, designed to ease general contributions, with a relatively quick update time. Firstly, a coupl...

List of Colonists

Quick Reference

Types of colonist Name Additional Cost Requirements Score Worker - - -1 Food per 100 - -  :food: Free pop storage 0.0001 Soldier 12 8 20 10 4 1 Worker is permanently converted into a Soldier during trai...

About DarkGalaxy


The core idea of the game is simple, to generate resources which will allow you to expand beyond your original starting planet and attempt to have a higher score than anyone else. At the start of the game you begin with your home planet. This has the same coo...

Core Concepts

Introduction Getting Started

Game format Dark Galaxy is a turn-based strategy game - that means turns update synchronously for all players over a fixed period of time. During a turn update, all queues will progress, resources totals will be updated, ships will move and battles will be ha...

Rules & Etiquette

Introduction Getting Started

The following are the basic rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity within Dark Galaxy and in the Dark Galaxy forums/discord. Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules within Dark Galaxy and the official Dark Galaxy forums may...

List of Resources

Quick Reference

Types of resources Name Type Score Metal Basic resource 0.00004 Mineral Basic resource 0.00006 Food Basic resource 0.00008 Energy Basic resource 0.00012  Ground space Finite resource n/a Orbit...

List of Ships

Quick Reference

Military Ships See also Combat Name Score Req's Fighter 2,000 500 4 0.24 Ship Yard, Light Weapons Factory Bomber 4,000 1,500 6 0.72 Ship Yard, Light Weapons Factory Frigate 12,...

List of Structures

Quick Reference

Tier 1 Structures These structures are given at the start of the game and have no special requirements in order to build on any planet. Name Max Outpost +300 +200 +100 +200 / turn +50,000 cap+100,000 sol c...


Interface & Gameplay Planets

Without buildings, planets are little more than balls of rock orbiting stars. By using the Building Menu, players can build, demolish, and cancel the structures that make their planet great. Although multiple buildings may be queued to be built, only one build...

Ship Yard

Interface & Gameplay Planets

The Ship Yard is where players can build ships for their fleets. A Ship Yard is required to produce ships. You don't need a Ship Yard to create fleets if there are already ships on your planet. At game start, your home planet already contains an Outpost Ship ...


Interface & Gameplay Planets

In order to train soldiers for invading or defending you will need to build a barracks on a planet. The barracks requires a light weapons factory to be built first. Once built a link becomes active on that planet to go to the barracks screen. Soldiers are u...


Interface & Gameplay Planets


Interface & Gameplay Planets

You need first to build a Comms Satellite. It lets you see all the fleets moving into the same system as the planet where you built it. They are visible in the Radar tab. You can also see them in your planet's Communication Menu, which also gives you the abi...


Interface & Gameplay Planets

You need first to build a Comms Satellite. Your planet's Communication Menu gives you the ability to scan planets: Resource ScanThe Resource Scan lists detailed planet resource and space information. It includes the planets abundance percentages of resources...

Radar Overview

Interface & Gameplay Radar

Radar View The radar will become accessible when you build a Comms Satellite on your planet.

Fleets Overview

Interface & Gameplay Fleets

The number of fleets a given player can control is equal to that player's planet limit * 1,5. Therefore, a player with a planet limit of 4, for instance, can't have more then 6 fleets. The limit of planets a player can have can be increased through research. ...

Universe View

Interface & Gameplay Navigation

The universe is split up into 49 Galaxies in a ring pattern. The central galaxy has the richest resources, but will also be the most highly contested region of space. Resource density decreases the further the galaxy is from the centre. Once you click in to...

Research Overview

Interface & Gameplay Research

There are several ways to get research points: Each tick your empire will produce 1 Research Point. You gain research points when you invade planets, if you kill enough enemy soldiers. You gain 1 research point every time you build a Metropolis You gai...

Alliances Overview

Interface & Gameplay Alliances