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About DarkGalaxy

The core idea of the game is simple, to generate resources which will allow you to expand beyond your original starting planet and attempt to have a higher score than anyone else.

At the start of the game you begin with your home planet. This has the same coordinates as all other home planets but you can only travel to your own. This is a protected planet and cannot be attacked by anyone else.

The planet starts with a basic set of structures to allow you to begin generating resources. You are also given an Outpost Ship which is available in your Ship Yard. This can be used straight away to colonise a planet of your choice, as long as nobody else gets there first.

Once you are up and running it is a good idea initially to try and build more Outpost Ships to colonise more planets, this will give you a better resource output so that you can look to build more advanced structures, warships and soldiers to invade other players. As the round develops the focus will move from colonising to invading other players.

The universe is split into 3 rings. The outer ring has the worst planets for resource output and space but are generally considered safe from more aggressive players. The middle ring has better planets but again is relatively safe and if you are new to the game it is suggested, although not necessary, to aim for the outer rings until you have experience of the game. The inner galaxy is where the best planets are. You are likely to find the most aggressive players and alliances here and this means it can be dangerous if you are not prepared.

Travel between the rings is designed to allow attacks inwards to take less time than it takes to attack outwards. It will always be 18 turns to your Home Planet until you have built certain structures to reduce travel times.

It is possible to play the game as a single player however it will usually be better to be part of an alliance of other players. This can be by joining an existing alliance or by starting your own and getting other players to join you. As part of an alliance you will be able to protect each other and attack other players as a group which will help if individually you would not be able to attack a particular target.