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Once you have colonised some planets you will need something to do with the resources you generate.

The suggested path is to use your resources to build combat ships and soldiers. Combat ships will enable you to attack other players and defend yourself as well as your allies. Soldiers are best used for invading hostile players before they invade you.

To get started with combat you will need to build some structures. For the basic ships you will require a Colony, a Ship Yard and a Light Weapons Factory. The more advanced ships will require a Metropolis and then a Space Dock, Heavy Weapons Factory or both, depending on what you want to build. See List of Ships Page for more details.

Once you are building ships you might want to think about how to best use them. Below is a brief idea to get you started.

Combat Targeting Matrix

Hulks are targeted first. They act as an armor that prevent any loss of other ships. The enemy must destroy all hulks before being able to destroy other ships. If you have hulks, it's harder for the enemy to destroy all your ships in 1 turn.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
fighter.gif Fighter Bomber Fighter Frigate Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Civilian
bomber.gif Bomber Frigate Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Bomber Fighter Civilian
frigate.gif Frigate Fighter Frigate Destroyer Cruiser Bomber Battleship Civilian
destroyer.gif Destroyer Battleship Cruiser Frigate Fighter Destroyer Bomber Civilian
cruiser.gifCruiser Bomber Fighter Frigate Cruiser Destroyer Battleship Civilian
battleship.gif Battleship Cruiser Frigate Battleship Fighter Bomber Destroyer Civilian

Ship info

Fighters fighter.gif : These are the cheapest and weakest of any combat ship available. Their main job is to target enemy bombers but in large enough numbers can overwhelm more advanced ship types but this isn't very cost effective.

Bombers bomber.gif: The main job of a bomber pilot is to target enemy destroyers which are the biggest threat to your own capital ships but they can also be effective against capital ships on their own.

Frigates frigate.gif: When you want to do a job well pick the right tool. Frigates are the anti-fighter ship and removing an enemies fighter screen quickly can be the key to winning longer battles.

Destroyers destroyer.gif: Relatively cheap and efficient. Made to eat battleships and cruisers.

Cruisers cruiser.gif: All those pesky bombers crushing your destroyers? Send in some cruisers to clear them out. Known to use fighters for target practice when bored.

Battleships battleship.gif:  If your enemy has these and you don't you might want to start rebuilding your ships before they crash and burn. Effective against all ship types although relatively weak against destroyers.