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BlackRider Commandos

Motto: Listen closely and you will hear us coming


At the very beginning of Dark Galaxy BlackRider Commandos were there. 

After approx 1 year, the alliance leader asked me to take over the leadership role as he was unable to continue playing. BRC were the greatest group of young men and women I had the pleasure play an online game with. 

Through 7 years we grew together and many of the same teenagers became wonderful young men/women. 

Now looking soooo far back...I can smile and remember the laughs, smiles, hugs and frantic battles. 

The young men are now men with careers and families. Us ladies gained more wrinkles and family to love...and I feel a small sense of pride playing a small role in their lives as their leader for a period of time. 

My final wish is for heaps of love and happiness for each of them. For Scan, Zedd and Frosty my sincere thank you for allowing myself and BlackRider Commandos to be a part of your wonderful Dark Galaxy community

----- Treesa


Sadly Treesa passed away not long after writing the above.